Our Products

The total raw materials that are exploited by PINDOS XYLON Co., comes from woodcutting of forest complexes of Pindos mountain range, in which the principles and norms of sustainable forest management has been applicated.

The quality sorting out and classification of the roundwood, on site in the forest by experienced staff, enhances the added value of products produced, while the timber processing combined with modern methods of cutting, prevent the quality degradation of products.

Height  Width Length
01 Beams up to 150,00mm up to 300,00mm up to 8,00m
02 Planks up to 50,00mm up to 80,00mm up to 5,00m
03 Boards up to 25,00mm up to 200,00mm up to 4,00m
04 Half Boards up to 18,00mm up to 200,00mm up to 5,00m
05 Thin Boards up to 15,00mm up to 200,00mm up to 5,00m

Notice: It is also possible the production of products with special dimensions, more than the above mentioned.

The products produced from Hellenic round wood, using modern machinery and tools of cutting thin, characterized by the following advantages:

  • are products of sustainable forest management and do not burden the environment with pollutants,
  • the mechanical strength and flexibility in relation to their weight are great,
  • have a great aesthetic and architectural value and
  • are excellent structural materials.

Quality Management – Corp. Social Responsibility

By installing and implementing the Quality Management System according to the standard ELOT EN ISO 9001:2008, the enterprise commits from one hand the high quality products, tested and confirmed by continuous monitoring and measurements...

Building infrastructures & facilities

In a private land of 10.500,00 m2, located in Russo Karditsa, the company PINDOS XYLON Co. proceeded to the construction of a modern and technologically advanced sawmill, with emphasis on basic principles of bioclimatic, ensuring the high quality of the final products...

Know How

The term sawn timber includes all lumber rectangular prisms wood in different sections and lengths…